Sunday, May 12, 2013

Day 42: Manny Just Being...David Banner?

Manny Ramirez is somebody else's problem these days. Actually he's some other country's problem. But his antics and complete weirdness has not waned over in Taiwan. Yes, Taiwan. When no American major league team showed any interest in the 40-year-old nutbag, he took his show overseas to the EDA Rhinos, one of four teams in the Chinese Professional Baseball League.

(Photo credit: Videoland Sports) 
Did you know they do "rookie day" even in China? If you're not familiar with the rituals of "rookie day," it's a pretty regular event around major league baseball. Basically, the team picks something incredibly embarrassing for the rookies to do, similar to how fraternities haze pledges. Last year, Will Middlebrooks was forced to dress up like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz complete with dog-filled basket. In 2011, Jose Iglesias sported a pleather bustier. Don't google that...seriously, trust me. I wish I could un-see that one.

Despite Manny's track record in professional baseball in this country—12-time All Star and 9 Silver Slugger awards—he's still considered a rookie in China. According to the Taiwan news agency ET Today, the Rhinos had their own version of "rookie day" earlier this week. Let's just say Manny's costume didn't disappoint. He dressed up as David Banner's angry alter ego, the Incredible Hulk. Some would say it's a fitting costume considering some of the weird crap Manny did when he was with Boston.

I bet if you ask Red Sox Traveling Secretary Jack McCormick about Manny, he might say he looked a little green the day of their altercation. And not because he ate some bad fish.

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