Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day 49: A Good Week for the Teams of Beantown

It's good to be a Boston sports fan this week. The Red Sox have seemingly snapped out of their early May funk and the Bruins are on a roll in the second round of the playoffs against the Rangers. I love days like today... and weeks like this past one. Winning makes me happy!

Since my post on May 15 called "This Losing Crap is Getting Old," the Red Sox have not lost a game. Do you think they read it? I mean it's possible, right? They seem to have really picked up their level of play since my plea. It's nice to know they care about my well-being. Such a nice group of guys.

And today, they didn't disappoint. The Sox won their sixth straight and completed the three game sweep of the Minnesota Twins. John Lackey pitched a strong six innings allowing just one hit and one unearned run. Possibly the best outing of the year for Lackey, who lost a tough one to the Twins last week when his throwing error was partially to blame. The Red Sox are now a half game behind the Yankees and one step closer to taking back their rightful position back atop the AL East.

This game wasn't without it's frustrating moments. In the bottom of the seventh, the game was delayed due to rain... for three hours. THREE HOURS! And they didn't call it. Even Big Papi was getting a little frustrated...

And then we have the Boston Bruins, who squeaked into the second round of the playoffs with a crazy, come-from-behind, overtime win over the Toronto Maple Leafs. They then tortured me again with yet another overtime win in game one in their series against the NY Rangers. But this time... I think they might be reading my blog too. I asked for a nice easy win and they cruised to a 5-2 victory. Seriously not sure my psyche could've handled another close game.

The series moves down to the Big Apple and Madison Square Garden for games three (on Tuesday) and four (on Thursday). Enemy territory... the Evil Empire... wouldn't it be nice to see a sweep and a celebration on rival ice? I won't complain.

Keep it up, Boston. Stay strong.

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