Thursday, May 23, 2013

Day 53: Fried Chicken, Sergio? Them's Fightin' Words!

Sergio Garcia and Tiger Woods don't like each other. I don't blame Tiger one bit. I think Sergio is a whiny little douche who is just pissed off because he can't keep up with the big guy. And I guess he's also angry because he blames Tiger for his spectacular collapse in the Players Championship a couple weeks ago. Really? So you sucked and refuse to take responsibility for it? Well then, it must be Tiger's fault.

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I know a lot of people don't like Tiger—mostly golf purists who feel he monopolizes the airwaves and hogs the spotlight. (I'm looking at you, Dad.) Yeah... it's true, even if he's not even in the hunt, he's still on TV. But Tiger is a ratings bonanza for the networks that air the PGA tournaments and ratings mean mo' money. I like him. I like watching him play and I like what he's done for the popularity of golf. Sue me.

There has been tension between Garcia and Woods for well over a decade—since Sergio won a made-for-TV match between the two called the Battle at Bighorn back in 2000. Tiger didn't appreciate Sergio's victory celebration and according to golf commentator, Dan Hicks, it was then that Woods "added the young Spaniard to his list of Things I Will Crush 80 Times Before I Die." (OMG! I have a list like that too!) And it's been bad blood ever since.

And then it happened. Sergio just couldn't keep his stupid to himself and elevated the feud to DEFCON 1. Dude, why must you poke the bear?

Garcia, plagued by Fuzzy Zoeller syndrome this week, made fried chicken comments towards Woods that many deemed racist and prompted not one but two apologies. Fuzzy's poultry comments after Tiger won his first Master's in 1997 got him in some serious hot water, so you would think most golfers know that type of fowl language is forbidden.

Here's what happened according to Yahoo Sports:
Attending an awards dinner for the European Tour, Sergio Garcia was asked if he was planning on having Tiger Woods over for dinner during the U.S. Open considering the way the two had gone at each other since the Players Championship, and his response went from war of words to downright ignorant. 
Garcia, channelling his inner Fuzzy, said, "We will have him round every night. We will serve fried chicken."
Oh Sergio, if you've learned anything in your 33 years, it should've been to keep your fat pie hole shut.

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