Saturday, May 25, 2013


The Bruins won. Took the series against the Rangers in five games. Sent 'em packing! Goodbye Tortorella and Lundqvist and Nash and all you other panty-wads. I think if the B's had lost this game tonight, I may have had a psychotic break. For real.

You see... I happened to call for take out Thai at 6:55pm which was supposed to be ready at 7:15pm. I left to go pick up said Thai just as the second period was coming to an end. When I arrived at the Thai place to pick up my order, it was closed. What? There was even a sign on the door that said they were closing at 7pm tonight. Um... why did you TAKE MY ORDER THEN??? I seriously almost blew a gasket. And now that restaurant is banned. But I digress...

So let's just say I was already in a mood and if this series went to a game six, heads were going to roll. If you ask me, the only thing more stressful than watching your team when they're facing elimination is watching your team when they're trying to be the eliminator. Holy crap! All you can think is, "oh my gawd, if they blow this lead it's going to bad and everyone will make fun of them."

I didn't have to go there though. Instead, I reveled in the glow of Campbell's empty-netter to put the game away. I reveled in the anguish of one Henrik Lundqvist as he sat on the bench, helpless to stop the puck as it trickled into the net. And I reveled in the look of confusion and pain on John Tortorella's face as he realized he was probably going to be fired very soon. Yeah, I'm kind of a bitch like that.

Now I shall celebrate by binge eating the licorice and caramels I bought earlier today.

Bring on the Penguins!! I'm pretty sure bears would eat penguins—if they lived closer to each other.

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