Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Day 45: This Losing Crap is Getting Old.

I'm in a deep dark Red Sox depression. This losing crap is for the birds. How can a team that was so good in April, be so incredibly bad in May? Nothing changed... except for the stupid month and they've only managed to squeak out four wins. It's May 15th people. Four wins? That's something the 2012 Red Sox would do. Not this team.

The Sox have turned to Jon Lester tonight to stem their current three-game losing streak in a classic pitchers' duel with David Price. Lester is just the guy to get the job done as is evident by his 5-0 record. Lester is coming off a stellar one-hit performance against the Blue Jays last week—basically one of the very few bright spots this month. Now the offense just needs to start actually hitting the ball and scoring runs. (I'm happy to say it's the Sox are up 8-0 on the Rays in the 3rd. If they blow this lead, I'm going to snort some rat poison.)

I haven't been very impressed with the recent ratio of wins to losses. Since May 2, the BoSox have won just one game for every three losses. Seriously? Someone else in this starting rotation has to hike up their britches and pitch like it's their job. Because it is. The only consistently good pitchers have been Lester and Buchholz and everyone else is completely schizophrenic, injured or both. All this mediocrity is making me stabby.

Where are my May flowers, dammit? April showers bring May flowers and these performances lately have been anything but flowery. Maybe April wasn't rainy enough?

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