Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 36: Tom Brady's Wearing White and Going Nuts

Tom Brady has won three Super Bowls. Tom Brady makes millions and millions of dollars playing football. Tom Brady has a supermodel wife. Tom Brady's supermodel wife makes millions and millions. Basically, between the two of them, they could wallpaper their entire mansion (all of them) with Ben Franklins and never even feel the impact.

So why all the hooting and whooping and hugging and tackling over $25,000? Because it's the Kentucky Derby, that's why! There's no two minutes in sports more exciting than this. Then there's the suspense of having a big wad of cash on one of the ponies—and if you're Tom Brady, you've got a $4,700 bet on the favorite. And when your mount crosses the finish line first, you'll hoot and holler no matter what your bet was. Heck, I hooted and hollered and I didn't even place a bet!

When Orb came from behind to win the Derby, the white suit-clad quarterback when absolutely insane, embracing the son of the horse's owner for what looked to me like an uncomfortably long time. As if hot and bothered by the prolonged hug, former teammate Tedy Bruschi, all dressed in pink, came barreling to join the party.

Brady's connection to Orb's owners is unclear, but it's assumed he didn't just meet them on Saturday. If he hugs people he just meets like that all the time... someone needs to introduce me. Stat.

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