Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Day 30: David Ortiz and Wife Heading for Splitsville

Remember what happen to Tiger Woods' after the infamous Thanksgiving night accident and the subsequent revelation of the philandering? His six-year, what seemed to be storybook marriage went up in flames along with his reputation and his golf game. In this case, it was obvious why Elin filed for divorce...because ewwww, just ewwww. How do you ever get over that?

Red Sox slugger David Ortiz and his wife Tiffany are headed for divorce. Hopefully nothing that sordid will be divulged because I just can't think of Big Papi as a creepy skirt-chaser. The couple, who met while David was still in the minor leagues, has been married for nearly a decade. They have three kids—two daughters and a son, the popular D'Angelo, who's almost as famous as his daddy. Something tells me he's not going to turn into a deadbeat dad...not like he can hide!

When something like this happens, you can only hope that the disruption in his personal life doesn't also wreak havoc on the field. But according to all reports, the divorce is amicable, with both sides just "moving on" and Ortiz assures us that it won't affect his play. (It better not.)
"I'm going to separate things," Ortiz said. "Whatever is happening to me off the field is happening, but I try not to confuse that and bring that into my job. I know how to separate things. Personal life matters, and hopefully everybody respects that."
If his recent play is any indication of the impact the divorce is having on him, all I can say is they should've called it quits a long time ago. (Oh, sorry, just kidding!) Big Papi has been on fire—batting .516 in eight games since his return to the lineup.

It could be worse... you're name could be Tim Tebow. D'oh.

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