Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Day 16: Stay Strong, Boston!

Patriots' Day... the unofficial kick-off to spring. A day off from work for some of us. Boston Marathon Monday. The Red Sox play at 11am. This year, Patriots' Day coincided with Jackie Robinson Day and it also happened to be a beautiful, sunny day, with bright blue skies.

A day that started so perfect, but ended so tragic. Sidewalks stained with blood, and a city reeling from an unprovoked attack. A city in shock.

I originally wanted to title this post, "People Suck." Someone is out there, hiding somewhere, someone so vile... so loathsome... so heinous... responsible for the death of three innocent bystanders, three fans just cheering on their friends and family to just hang in there—the finish line was in sight. Not to mention the more than 170 other casualties. But I couldn't give those deplorable monsters the satisfaction.

Instead, I'd rather focus on the people who come away from this day as heroes. The people who ran towards the blast to help rather than away from it. The people who broke down barriers to help the wounded. The people who sprung into action, applying dressings to wounds, and tourniquets to amputated limbs. The people who carried the injured away from danger. The people who contributed by rushing to donate blood.

This day will be yet another in our growing list of "where were you whens." I was doing yard work, enjoying my day off. And then I wasn't. It felt wrong to be happy when the images on the news coverage were so horrific.

Stay strong, Boston... you have a nation behind you.

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