Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Day 23: In case you were wondering about my predictions for the 2013 baseball season...

Normally I don't try to do predictions for a baseball season—especially where the Red Sox are concerned. You know, there's that whole thing where I think if I say out loud that they're going to have a good year, then they will most surely suck. Because I have that kind of power. But this year I was roped into putting my predictions on paper. WHAT? Hell... there's a case of Miller Lite on the line. I'm throwing caution to the wind!

Drum roll, please...

AL Winners
East:  Yankees (Only because I'm trying to jinx the hell out of them.)
Central:  Tigers
West:  Angels
Wild Card #1:  Rays
Wild Card #2:  Red Sox
AL MVP:  Mike Trout
AL Cy Young:  Felix Hernandez
AL Rookie:  Jackie Bradley Jr. (Ooops.)

NL Winners
East:  Nationals (Because Bryce Harper's fauxhawk says so!)
Central:  Reds
West:  Giants
Wild Card #1:  Cardinals
Wild Card #2:  Padres 
NL MVP:  Bryce Harper
NL Cy Young:  Clayton Kershaw

World Series
Angels vs. Nationals -- Angels as Champs (Not so sure about this one right now!)

Red Sox Superlatives (and other stuff)
Pitching MVP:  Clay Buchholz
Position MVP:  Dustin Pedroia
Disappointment:  Stephen Drew (Shocker.)
Big Papi's Return:  early June (Ok, I was way off on that one!)
Final Sox Record:  82 wins
Red Sox Make Playoffs?  YES

Red Sox Pitching
Clay Buchholz, 21-7
Jon Lester, 19-11
Felix Doubront, 14-10
Ryan Dempster, 11-14
Alan Webster, 8-7 (Because I have no confidence in Lackey!!)

And don't think I won't give up that case of beer in a heartbeat if it means the Red Sox make another trip to the World Series this year. I can't wait another 86 years!

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