Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Day 17: Sweet Caroline... In Stereo!

If you've ever been to Fenway Park, you most certainly have heard Neil Diamond's popular ditty, 'Sweet Caroline' in the middle of the 8th inning. Hell, I bet you even did a little singing and dancing in your seat. It's definitely a Red Sox staple—like Dirty Water is their victory anthem. At times you might roll your eyes because you've heard the song a million times and why oh why must they play it again? But last night was a night you wanted to hear Neil.

Tuesday night, just a day after the horrifying events that took place at the finish line of the Boston Marathon, baseball teams across the country lifted the city of Boston up on their shoulders with a touch of class. The tribute went viral and at just about every park across the country, it felt like Friendly Fenway. As a gesture of support, teams played 'Sweet Caroline' at their home stadiums.

It started earlier in the day on Tuesday when the arch rival New York Yankees announced they would play the pop tune during the third inning. And from the looks of the footage from the game, each and every Yankee cap-clad fan in the Bronx belted the tune at the top of their lungs. Even Neil himself was touched.

The Yankees weren't alone. The Cleveland Indians, who were hosting the Sox, played the number during the pregame. The Chicago Cubs, Miami Marlins, Cincinnati Reds, LA Dodgers, Seattle Mariners and Oakland A's—to name a few—all followed suit.
"I think it's a touch of class by, not only Cleveland, but every Major League city around baseball that has done something tonight," Red Sox manager John Farrell said. "I saw the sign on the front of the facade at Yankee Stadium and I think the fact that they played 'Sweet Caroline' in the third inning there, I think it's a touch of class by all of Major League Baseball to acknowledge this."
After such a tragic day on Monday, this gesture by Major League Baseball was So Good, So Good, So Good! (Sorry, I couldn't resist!)

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