Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Day 24: Happy Birthday, Mom!

Today is my mom's birthday and it wouldn't be complete if I didn't thank her for her part in this ridiculous rabbit hole of sports I've fallen down. You would think she'd see where I was headed and want to steer me in...say...the direction of make up and dresses and high heels...yeah, thanks for not doing that!

• Thanks for working retail when I was a kid so I could absorb all the sports knowledge from dad.

• Thanks for never trying to kill my love for the Red Sox...or Patriots.

• Thanks for always being open to watching baseball, football...or a golf tournament.

• Thanks for never making me wear a dress.

• Thanks for always keeping me outfitted in Sox gear and jeans.

• Thanks for never keeping me from joining the neighborhood boys for a game of home run derby.

• Thanks for always knowing exactly where my glove was.

• Thanks for never telling me I shouldn't take every loss so personally.

• Thanks for always spending Saturday mornings at the track meets if only to watch me run for just seconds.

• Thanks for never thinking I was a lunatic for crying when the Red Sox finally won in '04.

• Thanks for always supporting me in every sport I played, no matter how much I stunk.

• Thanks for never telling me to give it up...because I stunk.

• Thanks for always being the greatest mom a could ever ask for.

I hope your day was amazing!

Love you,

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