Monday, April 22, 2013

Day 22: A Bat For a Good Cause

I think I've mentioned this before, but I absolutely love this Red Sox team. Love! Attitude, spirit, heart, guts, grit... just love. And the more I get to know some of the new guys, the more I can't help but love them a little more each day. This past week hasn't hurt their standing with me either—with so much sympathy and respect and tributes pouring out of several member of the team every day.

Photo courtesy of Will Middlebrooks Instagram
Whether it's Will Middlebrooks writing "Boston Strong" on his cleat, Jon Lester tweeting about the victims being on his mind during his performance last week, or Big Papi's heartfelt speech about whose city Boston really is—it has all been very inspiring.

Jonny Gomes took inspiration to a new level in the first game of yesterday's double header. On a suggestion by his agent, he had the names of the victims slain in (or as a result of) last Monday's tragedy, including MIT officer Sean Collier, engraved into the barrel of his bat. Of the four etched bats, Gomes used two in the game and plans to have the other two signed by the team and auctioned off to raise money. *sniff sniff*

It's too bad the bat didn't do more to help the Sox take at least one from the Royals on Sunday. Nothing sucks more than being swept in a double header.

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