Monday, April 29, 2013

Day 29: Tebow is Released From TeJets

Hold on to your hats, football fans... the New York Jets have lost a key player today. Their A-#1 bench warmer, Tim Tebow, has officially been released by the team. Let's just say there will be some cold bums on that bench next season.

Is anyone really surprised at this news? The only surprise for me is that Mark Sanchez is still there. The writing was on the wall when the Jets drafted a QB last week. One of them was bound to be released, especially because the signing of draft selection Geno Smith gave them six quarterbacks. Pretty sure no NFL team needs even half that many. Just plain greedy if you ask me.

The chances of Tebow landing with another team in this league are pretty slim. No other NFL club has shown any interest in the former Florida Gators crybaby standout. And word on the street is he has an offer on the table from Orlando Predators of the Arena Football League. The AFL might be just the place for him...

As a Patriots fan, I'm always curious to see what division rivals are doing in the off season, so it's going to be real interesting to see how the Jets QB situation unfolds. I'm not sure they can get much worse than the Sanchez/Tebow tandem.

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