Saturday, April 27, 2013

Day 27: Raking Should Be Considered a Sport

Imagine the scene: two contestants, two rakes, a tarp and two giant piles of leaves. And just to make it interesting, a wind machine will sporadically produce gusts of air to really screw with you. The playing field must be completely devoid of any debris in order to be considered the victor. No judging necessary (I'm looking at year, figure skating) and the first player to dispose of their pile of leaves wins! Exciting, right?

Raking as a sport would fit nicely into the same arena as the lumberjack competitions. which just looks like a bunch of yard work to me... although it's not often that disposing of trees requires one to put said tree in a pond of water and participate in a log roll. That one's just frivolous.

Wondering why I'm asking? Mostly because I spent about three hours today raking. And I feel like what I imagine a football player feels like after a game. Or maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration since last time I checked, raking isn't a full contact activity. I would like to think I've reached professional status in all the  raking I've done over the years. If you could see the sheer volume of leaves my trees discard, you might wonder how I still function after raking them. Answer is: I don't.

When raking is made a sport...and accepted as an Olympic event, I will own that gold medal. I mean it has to be included some day, right? For crying out loud, there are people who sweep the ice in the Olympics! I guess we'll just need to come up with a fancy name for raking...

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